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​Immigration & Criminal defense

Criminal Defense

At Castrejon Law Office, half of our practice is dedicated to criminal defense. So whether it is a ticket for speeding, driving under suspension, or a DUI, we can help. Castrejon Law Office has also helped people charged with domestic violence,  drug offenses, robbery, and more serious offenses. From infractions to felonies, from state court to federal charges, we can represent you.

If you are a US Citizen, you are most likely worried about having a specific charge on your record and avoiding jail time. We will investigate your case fully and come up with the best strategy to defend your case.

If you are not a US Citizen, then you need to avoid negative immigration consequences that can come with a criminal conviction such as deportation, loss of your residence, or detention. Castrejon Law Office can help. We have the knowledge necessary to advise you of the immigration consequences of a conviction, and can fight to avoid them.

Whether it is a dismissal of a certain charge, a reduction to a less serious charge, or getting you a fine or probation instead of jail, we can help.

Here is a glimpse of some of the cases we have handled:

Traffic tickets

Driving under suspension

DUI’s and OWI’s

Domestic violence

Assault and battery
Theft offenses

Drug offenses
Fraud and Misrepresentation

False use of a Social Security Number

Sexual Assault offenses

Leaving the Scene of an Accident

Identity Theft & Forgery

Castrejon Law Office has also been hired to consult with other criminal defense attorneys in out of state cases on the immigration consequences of a conviction. Likewise, even though our criminal defense practice is limited to Iowa and Nebraska, we have helped people obtain certified court records for criminal cases all around the country, as well as investigate the status of tickets and court cases from other states.

No case is too big or too small for us to handle. Are you tired of showing up to court and not knowing what to expect? Have an attorney but still don’t know what is going on with your case? At Castrejon Law Office we pride ourselves in making sure our clients understand what is going on with their case and what to expect throughout the process.

We understand that when you hire an attorney to represent you, you have many choices in who to trust with your case. That is why when you hire Castrejon Law Office, we do everything to fight for your case and defend you. When you hire us, you are not alone. We are dedicated to providing high quality legal representation and excellent customer service. Call us today to schedule your free, no obligation consultation. (402) 502-4190